We get our CO2 emissions from meat consumption

We do what we believe in. Our ambitious and motivated Planted heroes and makers across Europe form a highly motivated team that works full time to bring tasty plant-based meat to the market without additives.

A brand with character and a clear vision is a brand with personality.

Our personalities? Heroes & Doers!

#1 Heroes

As heroes, our goal is to improve the world - by being the best version of ourselves. We want to see you thrive and rise to the challenge and support you in becoming your own hero. We are courageous, bold, honest, strong, confident and inspiring.

#2 Doers

As makers, our goal is to create something meaningful that brings lasting added value. We strive to create a meat that you can't and don't want to live without. We are creative, imaginative, artistic, inventive, entrepreneurial and unconventional.

Welcome to Planted!

We are Lukas , Chris , Judith and Pascal , and we form the Executive Board of Planted. Our goal is to transform the food system by working with all our teams to produce better plant-based meat than animal meat.

Lukas is responsible for Technology & Scale Up.

Chris is responsible for Corporate Functions, Brand & Marketing.

Judith is responsible for Operations & Product.

Pascal is responsible for Commercial Excellence and International Business Development.

Planted in numbers

Over 200
Team Members
The average age

Good day! We are the Engineering & Automation team!

We bring ideas to life: We are responsible for developing innovative machines, process lines and prototypes, as well as designing and improving Planted production to create world-class meat.

Nice to meet you, we are the Brand & Marketing team!

We are the creative and strategic faces behind our brand.

Texts, images, graphics, UX design and moving images make our hearts beat faster!

Hello, we are the Events team!

We ensure that Planted creates unforgettable moments both internally and externally, in Switzerland and internationally. From company parties to music festivals to trade fairs, we organize everything possible. One thing is certain: fun and delicious food are not neglected!

Hello, we are the data heroes from Planted!

We offer a modern digital workplace that enables every Planted employee to work productively and collaborate with others. In doing so, the Company generates valuable information that we discover, store and disclose using data products and business information systems to drive data-driven decision making and data insights that improve our processes and products.

Hello, we are the finance team at Planted!

We organize and manage the financial transactions within the company, focusing on the quality and consistency of financial data and capturing the important dimensions required to provide insights for the best possible financial management. While we focus on finance, economics and growth, we also ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

Meal, we are Team Germany!

We are working very hard to spread the Planted spirit and conquer the German market in order to make Planted a love brand in Germany too!

Salut, we are the fast-growing team from France!

We are transferring the spirit of Planted to our French neighbor to further spread our mission and bring the tastiest and cleanest alternative protein products to the French market.

Ciao amici, we are Team Italia!

We prove to Italians that Planted is another delicious food that should be included in their classic cuisine.

Hello from the Supply Chain Management team!

We plan, source and deliver our meat along the entire supply chain to make the customer happy and protect the bottom line!

Hello from Team Co-Manufacturing!

Our world is all about how we can deliver the right products at the right time, in the right quantity and at the desired quality.

Sounds fun? We do even more: We manage co-packers and co-manufacturers across Europe and implement and continue to implement new products and processes in our production facility.

Hello, we are Team Switzerland!

Our work revolves around the Swiss market. From creating campaigns to increase our brand awareness, to identifying suitable customers and building customer relationships, to ensuring our meat reaches the right customers at the right time.

Hello, we are the faces behind our products, we are the product development team!

We always go above and beyond to test new products and marinades and bring the tastiest meats and most surprising textures to market.

Hello from our production team in Kemptthal!

We are the team that ensures the smooth production and packaging of the best alternative protein products.

Hello from Team UK!

We're working hard to spread the Planted spirit across the UK to ensure British citizens can enjoy the tastiest and cleanest alternative protein products.

Hello from the Talent & Culture team!

It is important to us to find and retain the right talent for our team. Building and developing a great team as well as maintaining and promoting our company culture is what we enjoy most!

Hello, we are Team Science!

We are responsible for technology development at Planted and the integration of our newly developed processes and technologies into product development.

We are inventing breakthrough technologies that are laying the foundation for the production and manufacturing of the new generation of plant-based meat. To achieve this, we combine physical, chemical and biological approaches with our raw materials to produce plant-based meat. Together with our academic and industrial partners, we are pushing the boundaries of science to influence the way we eat meat.

Hello, we are the Planted quality management team!

We are responsible for the continuous improvement, optimization and expansion of Planted's quality management system. We set the guidelines for producing high quality meat that is safe to consume. We enable the company to grow quickly by contributing innovative and intelligent solutions. We check our systems and processes for compliance with internally defined rules, legal requirements, certifications and internationally recognized recommendations and standards.

Hello, we are the Product Management Team!

We are the team where all aspects of our products come together.

Hey you! We are the Communications Team

We are a team of experts who handle our media relations, sustainability work, seamless consumer service and public affairs.

Has a team piqued your interest?

Then you'll be happy to hear that we're always looking for new heroes and doers to join our team! And who knows - maybe you'll be in the next team photo.

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