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Tim Raue
Restaurant Tim Raue Gault Millau Chef of the Year 2007

"Planted is the first vegan protein product that completely replaces me as a meat substitute
convinced. The product is made without preservatives or additives, has a unique texture and structure."

Why Planted?
  • Taste without additives

    Planted consists exclusively of 100% natural ingredients. We do without additives, flavor enhancers or aromas, but never without them
    Taste! We have managed to create a unique taste profile and texture through natural ingredients and our technology,
    and not through additives. This means that every bite is a pleasure for both our body and our palate.

  • Environment

    The choice of menu these days is always...
    more often due to environmental impact. Vegetarian and vegan options in particular are growing in popularity as they are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Restaurants that offer these options on their menu can not only protect the environment, but also appeal to a growing number of customers who value sustainability and conscious eating.
    Planted.chicken's production uses 85% less water and emits 77% less CO2 than conventional chicken production, making it the preferred choice for the environmentally conscious target group.

  • Community

    The Planted Community looks forward to every addition of Planted to the Swiss menu. Having us on the map means having the largest community in the plant-based sector on your side and being guaranteed to reach new customers and make more sales. Anyone who serves Planted will be supported and shared on social media and listed on our store locator . By listing your location in our store locator
    you will be found by numerous Planted fans when searching for restaurants

Haya Molcho
NENI restaurants

“I am pleased that thanks to Planted, our NENI Signature Dish is now also available as a plant-based option for Israeli cuisine at home! NENI and Planted fit together perfectly and I am very proud of the joint special edition.”

You can find us here:

Planted products are available from national and regional distribution partners. Our gastronomy experts are available to give you personal menu advice tailored to your business. Order a free sample now and let us know your wishes in the comment field.

Get to know the team

Michael Wagner

Head of Foodservice DE


David Doering

Key Account Manager Foodservice DE


Luke Tesch

Key Account Manager Foodservice DE


Stefan Haller

Head of Sales AT


Markus Riedl

Responsible region

Salzburg & Upper Austria


Alexander Weissenhofer

Responsible region

Tyrol & Vorarlberg


Marketing material for your business
  • Marketing materials

    Show the world that you serve Planted and become part of the community. You can use our flags, stickers, or wrapping paper to make your customers aware of the new options. We also offer individual custom options - of course that's on us.

    Marketing materials

    We'll help you make your Planted dish stand out on the menu. Take a look at what it could look like on your menu.


    Bring your employees up to speed and inspire them to sell. With simple training materials, you can get your customers excited about the latest Planted dishes and always give them the right answers.

This is how it works
You can benefit from the subscription if you have a shopping cart size of 5 or more products. Special editions such as planted.braten or bundles and planted.chicken curry are excluded
Save 20% with the Planted subscription
We will reward you for your efforts with a discount on every delivery.
Small effort, big impact
After a minimum term of 3 deliveries, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
Even more impact
Better for you and the planet. No additives, 100% plant-based.