Do you know our food truck?

Find out which events you can find us at next. Whether music festivals or food events, we are very happy to be there. Our Planted food truck offers delicious dishes like planted.kebab, planted.nachos and a planted.bowl. See for yourself and visit us at the next event in your area.

You are also welcome to book our food truck for your own event or catering. We will put together an individualized offer for you.

You can find us here
  • 03.06 - 04.06
    Maker Faire
    METACity Vienna
  • 10.06
    WU summer festival
    WU Vienna
  • 15.06 - 16.06
    Fifteen Second Festival
    Graz city hall
  • 17.06 - 18.06
    Feel Good Festival
    Hohe Warte Vienna
  • 06/27/2023
    Not Afraid Hip Hop Festival
    Danube Island Vienna
  • 01.07 - 02.07
    Salzburg Exhibition Center
  • 22.07
    Schauinsland Muddy Angel Run VIENNA
    Krieau Vienna
  • 07-27-2023 - 29.07
    Pop Fest
    Karlsplatz Vienna
  • 04.08 - 06.08
    Paradise Garden
    Prugg Castle, Bruck an der Leitha
  • 12.08 - 13.08
    Street food summer in Pottendorf Castle Park
  • 17.08 - 19.08
    VAZ St. Pölten
  • 08/25/2023 - 08/27/2023
    Danube Island Vienna
  • 01.09 - 03.09
    Karlsplatz Vienna
  • 07.09
    Vienna Energy Business Run
    Danube Island Vienna
  • 17.09
    Air & Love Wedding Festival
    METACity Vienna
  • 05.10 - 06.10
    Forward Festival
    Gartenbaukino Vienna
  • 07.10 - 08.10
    Design market precious material
    MARX Hall Vienna
  • 26.10 - 29.10
    Model building fair
    Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center
  • 10.11 - 12.11
    Feschmarkt Vienna
    Ottakringer Brewery
  • 18.11 - 11/19/2023
    Vienna Trade Fair
Our food truck for your event in Austria!
Are you planning a party, event or other occasion? Do you want to serve delicious planted meat?

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