Our production

The main production of our meat is in a glasshouse in Kemptthal, Switzerland - the first transparent meat production open to the public.

Old process

New process

Feed and kill animals
Skip animals and scientifically produce meat from plants.
less C02e
less water
Required for the production of planted.chicken compared to the average production of chicken meat.

Our production process

In our production we combine extrusion technology and fermentation to produce our products.
Extrusion technology has been used in the food industry since the 1960s to produce snacks, cereals and pasta. Recent innovations in extrusion are key to the second generation of plant-based meat, making it possible to transform plant proteins, which are spherical at the microscopic level, into a fibrous, elongated shape like animal muscle fibers. By combining extrusion and traditional fermentation, Planted is able to create larger, more complex, juicy and tender cuts and add important micronutrients such as vitamin B12.

Fermentation has a long tradition in food production, e.g. B. for wine, beer, salami, tempeh or sauerkraut. For all of these foods, fermentation of the raw material with microbes such as fungi or bacteria results in better taste and texture, greater safety or better nutritional value. We only use high quality ingredients and go the extra mile to create great tasting products through a perfect process instead of using additives.



    The natural raw materials (e.g. peas, sunflowers, oats) for our meat are harvested by European farmers.


    Our partners process the rich harvest into nutrient-rich flour - the optimal mix
    made from plant proteins and fibers for further processing in our facilities in Kemptthal (CH).


    The flour mixture is put into the extruder where we mix it with water and rapeseed oil, knead and heat it.
    The technology of extrusion makes it possible to transform vegetable proteins into a fibrous, elongated form, like that of animal ones
    muscle fiber.


    Fermentation allows us to produce larger, more complex, juicier and more tender pieces as well as adding important micronutrients such as vitamin B12.

  • CUT

    Depending on the product, the fibrous meat is cut into bite-sized pieces.


    Depending on the product, we then add
    the right marinade that consists only of natural ingredients (e.g. spices, herbs, oil or lemon juice).


    To ensure the shelf life and quality of our meat, everything is packaged hygienically and safely and prepared for its journey to kitchens around the world.


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