30 Jan 2023

We don't chicken out!

2 min reading time

We knew that achieving change in our food system would be a great adventure for us. As you have probably already heard, we currently have another hurdle to overcome.

In December, the Zurich Administrative Court in Switzerland ruled that we can continue to call our products with names like “planted.chicken” so that consumers are not misled. Unfortunately our joy didn't last long as we now have to defend our case again. The Federal Department of the Interior (EDI) has challenged the administrative court's decision and decided to refer it to the Swiss Federal Court.

After the EU paved the way for plant-based products in October 2020 by allowing meat names on packaging, this setback comes as a huge surprise to us.

We trust that our Swiss government will continue to pursue its sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship agenda and set the record straight.

Wouldn't it be better that all this energy and effort be invested in making changes towards a better, healthier and more sustainable food system than in maintaining the status quo? You know our answer.

In the last few days we have been overwhelmed by numerous positive and motivating messages from you - our lovely community. Many of you have asked how you can support.

We therefore decided to start a challenge: #wedontchickenout. And here's how you can join in:

  1. Take a photo of other products that use animal words without containing the animal (e.g. hot dog) and share it in your story on Instagram - tag us @eatplanted and use the hashtag #wedontchickenout.


  2. Send us an email with your photo and comment at wedontchickenout@eatplanted.com 

We will then collect the contributions and share them with the community and the Swiss Federal Court. That’s it for now – but rest assured #wedontchickenout! 

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