16 Feb 2023

Bring the star cuisine home with Tim Raue and Planted

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  • The Planted Special Edition “planted.chicken Green Paprika & Lime” by Tim Raue is now available in limited quantities at dealers in Germany and Switzerland and in the Planted web shop.  
  • The special edition contains 220g planted.chicken natural and a sauce created by Tim Raue as well as the star chef's recipe for the signature dish.  
  • The Asian-inspired variety of flavors in the signature dish ranges from fresh citrus flavors to slightly fruity spiciness.  

Zurich , February 16 , 2023 - Cook like star chefs with easy-to-prepare ingredients such as braised cucumbers, Jerusalem artichokes, yellow lentils, planted.chicken and a pre-cooked, delicately aromatic sauce - the new special edition by Tim Raue and Planted makes it possible. If you want to try out the sophisticated world of tastes of the top chef, you should pick up the wooden spoons as soon as possible: The “planted.chicken Green Paprika & Lime” by Tim Raue is now available in limited quantities at selected retailers in Germany and Switzerland and at Planted Buy online shop . 

Continuation of the Signature Editions with an Asian touch 

There was great enthusiasm among amateur cooks when Tim Raue and Planted announced their first joint Asian signature creation last year. The vegan Peking duck in a specially created five-spice marinade and with a simple recipe enabled even novice cooks to immerse themselves in the world of flavors of the top Berlin chef. In order to build on the enormous success of the first signature dish, the cooperation partners have now put together a new creation: The signature dish with “planted.chicken Green Paprika & Lime” impresses with the fresh citrus aromas of lime and a light, fruity spiciness. The special sauce created by Tim Raue, which is also used as a marinade for planted.chicken, has a light spicy-sweet-and-sour taste and can be used in many ways. The basic aroma of green pepper develops particularly well in combination with the signature dish developed by Tim Raue. Jerusalem artichoke puree paired with the braised cucumber gives the recipe a special spice and an Asian touch, which is typical of Tim Raue's cuisine.  


The Swiss food start-up Planted is responsible for production and has set itself the task of offering plant-based meat that does not compromise on taste, versatility or consistency. The goal is to be better than animal meat. To achieve this, Planted not only works with natural ingredients such as yellow peas, but also with the people who are most familiar with variety of flavors - and who are open to new ideas and approaches. “My cuisine thrives on aromas, sweetness, acidity and spiciness. And over the last 13 years it has constantly developed, becoming more complex and multi-layered. We always try to keep up with the times and constantly re-evaluate what adjustments we want to make,” says Tim Raue about the new creation in collaboration with Planted. He was impressed with the consistency of the Planted products from the first bite.  

Together for more sustainable taste


The Berlin native is one of the most successful top chefs in Germany with two Michelin stars and five toques in Gault & Millau. The TIM RAUE restaurant in Berlin was ranked 26th among “The World's Best Restaurants” in 2022, and Planted products are an integral part of the vegan menu there.  

“I particularly appreciate the texture of the Planted products; the fibrousness is extremely close to that of animal meat. They also contain no additives and the aroma is very fine. This makes the planted.chicken perfect for the Asian signature dish. My restaurant has had a vegan menu for three years now and a vegetarian menu for 26 years. But especially in recent years, the demand for vegan and vegetarian menus has increased immensely,” says Tim Raue.  

Planted products use significantly less water to produce and produce demonstrably less CO2 than their animal equivalent. With planted.chicken, for example, up to 85 percent less CO2 is generated and up to 63 percent water is saved. In addition, the principle of a sustainable circular economy runs through all areas of the company. An innovative manufacturing process helps to protect the planet's finite resources. In addition, all planted meats consist of only natural ingredients (peas, sunflower, oats, rapeseed oil and water).  

“We are really pleased that our signature dish from last year was so well received and that Tim Raue was immediately enthusiastic about repeating this coup with us,” says Judith Wemmer, member of the management team and head of product development at Planted. “The fact that our meat from plants is even suitable for star cuisine, which places particular emphasis on aroma, taste, quality and texture, is a real milestone in our opinion. For us, it is exciting to experience – and taste – how a star chef like Tim Raue brings our Planted products into fine dining. It makes our entire team very proud that we were able to expand our culinary collaboration with the new limited edition.”  

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