20 Sep 2022

Planted launches planted.chicken Tenders

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Kemptthal, Switzerland, September 20, 2022 – The Swiss foodtech start-up Planted is revolutionizing the market with another never-before-seen product: The planted.chicken Tenders - a delicious bite that changes everything - only natural ingredients, no additives, fibrous, juicy and crispy whole chicken pieces .

In Switzerland, the planted.chicken tenders will be launched on the market in collaboration with the Wiesner Gastronomy family and will be available to consumers in the “Magic Midnight Touch” dish from September 20th in their Miss Miu branches in Zurich and Zug.
As usual, Planted only uses natural ingredients to produce the new product: only water, proteins and fibers from yellow peas, rapeseed oil, salt, yeast, spices and wheat flour are used in the production of planted.chicken tenders. This means that the company remains true to its principle of avoiding additives - as well as the perfect bite that characterizes Planted's protein-rich plant-based meat.

Unique results with a new biostructuring approach

In addition to the proven professionalized extrusion process, Planted has now succeeded in combining protein structuring and biotechnology with a novel biostructuring approach. Planted is doing pioneering work in the food market. This new proprietary technology makes it possible to produce larger pieces of meat with a complex structure and texture, juiciness and tenderness without any additives. More than 65 Planted employees on the scientific side and in product development make this breakthrough possible.
“Our goal is to bring plant-based meat with a unique taste and amazing texture to the consumer - without any additives or restrictions in use. Our products consist of a few, natural ingredients, which we transform into fibrous structures with a lot of research effort and a focus on quality and culinary delights. We want to revolutionize the way meat is perceived and consumed. Our planted.chicken tenders are better than their animal counterparts because the meat impresses with a great bite, a fibrous texture and a high protein content with 74% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. We are therefore extremely pleased that our innovation is now being launched with a future-oriented partner like the Wiesner Gastronomy family. The choice of how Planted can be integrated is incredibly versatile - and that's what we enjoy and offers many delicious possibilities.» says Dr. Judith Wemmer, Executive Board Member and Head of Product Development at Planted.

A future-oriented product without compromises

Planted has been working with the Wiesner Gastronomy family since 2020 and is constantly on the menu in their restaurants Miss Miu, The Butcher & his daughter and Nooch Asian Kitchen. Daniel Wiesner, Co-Lead Strategy & Innovation says: “We are trying to promote exciting innovations and emotional experiences in Swiss gastronomy with our restaurants and Miss Miu. Our focus is not only on exceptional restaurant concepts and culinary diversity, but also on our 7-point plan for social and ecological action. Sustainability is extremely important to me personally and to us as a family business, and as one of the central topics we are continually optimizing the food offering of plant-based meat alternatives in our restaurants. The long and deep partnership with Planted is therefore very central to us and always offers inspiring opportunities to transform meat alternatives into culinary delights - as is currently the case with the launch of the very tasty Korean planted.chicken Tenders (Magic Midnight Touch), which we Offer exclusively in our Miss Miu restaurants.»


Developed by Planted and first brought to the gastronomy market in Switzerland in collaboration with the Wiesner Gastronomy family, the planted.chicken tenders will be on the menu in the “Magic Midnight Touch” dish in the Miss Miu branches in Zurich and Zug from September 20th.
The planted.chicken tenders will initially only be used in the catering industry. The retail offering will be expanded next year.


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