15 Jun 2023

Sustainable enjoyment on rails: Deutsche Bahn introduces currywurst with planted.bratwurst

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Berlin, June 15, 2023 - The Swiss foodtech startup Planted, known for its plant-based meat made from purely natural ingredients, remains true to its expansion course and, as part of its partnership with Deutsche Bahn, now allows all rail travelers to enjoy Currywurst, one of the most popular fast foods -Food dishes of the Germans, a healthy source of protein without compromising on taste and consistency. The planted.bratwurst, which was just introduced in April and consists of only six natural ingredients, is now also available as a vegan currywurst on the menu of ICE and Intercity of Deutsche Bahn. 


Hardly any other dish has been as polarizing in recent times as currywurst. The quote from former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, who described the currywurst as a “power bar for skilled workers in production” as a reaction to the beginning of the meat-free period at car manufacturer VW, is unforgettable. The currywurst has a tradition and is firmly anchored for many as the German national dish for identity and conviviality. 


Optimize instead of adjust: the sausage of the future 


The Swiss FoodTech startup Planted proves that it doesn't have to be a complete abstinence in order to reduce meat consumption and do something good for the environment. Not only can the startup's products save up to 87 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and up to 90 percent of water (tested by independent expert Eaternity), but the newly launched planted.bratwurst also contains 76 percent less saturated fatty acids and 18 percent less salt than one animal bratwurst – and offers 36 percent more protein. In addition, the list of ingredients is deliberately kept short and natural: pea protein, sunflower oil, water, salt, spices and yeast, enriched with vitamin B12. The proprietary fermentation step gives the product its unique bite, the right texture and an excellent flavor profile. Features that also convinced Deutsche Bahn (DB). DB is constantly working to adapt its menu and respond to the needs of its customers. After the successful introduction of a Italian style wraps with planted.pulled and the planted.chicken pepper-lemon basmati rice in the on-board catering last year, they are now also using the cleanest and probably healthiest sausage on the market. 


On the track to sustainability 

For Deutsche Bahn, as the most climate-friendly mobility company in Germany, climate and environmental protection is of central importance and more than just an attitude - climate protection is a primary component of its green transformation with the goal of being climate neutral by 2040. It is DB's concern to also offer sustainable and environmentally friendly food and drinks in the on-board restaurant and on-board bistro. DB has been working successfully with Planted since 2022. "If you want to reduce your meat consumption but don't want to miss out on the taste of a delicious currywurst, you can look forward to the new recipe for our vegan currywurst," says Stefanie Berk, Head of Marketing and Sales at DB Long-distance transport.  

“We are very pleased to be able to expand the already successful collaboration with Deutsche Bahn to include our newly launched planted.bratwurst as a currywurst. Especially with popular meat dishes like kebab or currywurst, we as a company want to show that a meat-free diet can be implemented effortlessly, without sacrifice and with purely natural ingredients. Because we at Planted are convinced of this: Anyone who has ever tried our plant-based currywurst will definitely come back to the Deutsche Bahn on-board restaurant for another!” says Pascal Bieri, co-founder and member of the management team at Planted.  

With the introduction of the planted.bratwurst as a vegan currywurst, Deutsche Bahn is setting a further example for more choice and sustainability in its dining car. From June 1st The new Currywurst will be available in all Deutsche Bahn dining cars.

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