21 Nov 2023

The new plant-based winter roast from Planted

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Buying plant-based meat products has never been so diverse as in recent years and yet many people stand in front of the shelves in the winter and ask themselves the question: Does it have to be “goose” or not at all? Because when it came to roast goose, duck, meatloaf, etc., people were still pretty much left out in the cold. No more of that, says the Swiss food tech startup Planted and, after last year's success, is once again introducing a "ready to cook" roast this year that only needs to be cooked in the oven. The planted.braten comes in true "roast style" in one piece and is rounded off with a full-bodied gravy with a roasted aroma, specially developed by star chef Sebastian Copien - with only natural ingredients and the shortest list of ingredients that a plant-based roast can have .

Plant-based enjoyment in no time

Whether in a restaurant, with friends or at a celebration - if you want to avoid animal products completely or only temporarily, it is often not easy when it comes to food. Especially in winter with all its festivals, the additional preparation of plant-based meat dishes puts an additional strain on the already limited time account. With the winter roast, 100% animal-free enjoyment is now finding its way into the nation's ovens - quickly and "ready to cook". Because the good piece, based on plant proteins, only takes 25 minutes. Finely balanced spices, prunes and Dijon mustard as well as a gravy co-developed by star chef Sebastian Copien complete the taste experience.

Roast reloaded

With only natural ingredients, no additives or flavors and the shortest list of ingredients, the good piece can officially be called “Clean Label”. But it's not just the unique taste that's impressive - the fibrous texture is also hard to distinguish from an "animal" piece of meat. This is made possible by the innovative manufacturing process specially developed by Planted and the revolutionary combination of extrusion and fermentation.

The best thing: after the great success last year when the roast was still available in limited quantities, this year the winter roast is not only available in larger quantities and over a longer period of time (i.e. beyond the holidays), but the recipe for the sauce has also been changed refined once again and will not only cause cheers among the already die-hard planted.braten fans.

The planted.braten including gravy (400 g roast + 210 ml sauce) for 3 people is available from week 46 at REWE in the North, West and East regions and from week 49 throughout Germany at REWE. In Austria, the roast will be available from Interspar from the end of November. In addition, Switzerland, Germany and Austria are now served directly via Planted's own web shop.

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