26 Apr 2023

The BBQ of the future: Planted is expanding its plant-based grill range to include the planted.bratwurst and the planted.chicken grill skewer

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Berlin, Germany, April 26, 2023 Summer without grilling? Inconceivably. Grilling without animal meat? Thanks to Planted, the new standard. Just in time for the first grilling of the year, the Swiss food tech startup is launching planted.bratwurst , the cleanest sausage in the plant-based segment - made from just six ingredients and 100 percent plant-based. In this way, Planted creates what many people want: a plant-based bratwurst with consistently good taste and healthy ingredients at the same time. But it gets even better: from April there will also be the popular planted.chicken grill skewer , available not only in the online shop but also in German food retailers. The perfect combination for anyone who wants to reduce their meat consumption when grilling, but doesn't want to miss out on the taste of meat and the shared experience . 


To bite into: The cleanest sausage made from just six ingredients  

More and more people want to eat more sustainably, but a traditional BBQ in particular often cannot do without classic meat products. Until now. Because with Planted products there is a healthier and more sustainable alternative for the grill - without mysterious additives or compromises on taste and consistency. Very fresh: the planted.bratwurst, with 76 percent less saturated fatty acids and 18 percent less salt than an animal bratwurst - but with 36 percent more proteins. A balance sheet that is impressive. And as usual, you can even marvel at the crisp tan when the planted.bratwurst sizzles away on the grill. But it contains only natural ingredients - and only a handful of them: pea protein, sunflower oil, water, salt, spices and yeast, enriched with vitamin B12. Not more! The proprietary additional fermentation step gives the product its truly unique bite, texture and excellent flavor profile. 


Same, same but better: Same experience, better meat  

Thanks to Planted, no one needs to be outdone with a vegetable skewer if they want to reduce their own meat consumption, even at a barbecue. “We are very proud of the latest product in our range, with which we meet the high demand for a healthier plant-based sausage,” said Dr. Judith Wemmer, Head of Product Development at Planted. “The wishes of consumers are an important driver for us when developing new products. Our aim is that an animal meat-free diet can be implemented effortlessly, without sacrifice and with purely natural ingredients - even when it comes to the world's favorite summer thing, grilling ." The Planted BBQ duo shows how it works - true to the motto : Same experience, better meat. With the planted.bratwurst and the planted.chicken grill skewer, you don't have to go without anything at all from now on - except for animal suffering and dubious additives. 


Easy to prepare and widely available  

Like any good butcher, Planted has also developed a homemade spice and herb mixture for the new planted.bratwurst , which consists of marjoram, thyme and white pepper. After briefly frying in the pan or on the grill, the planted.bratwurst can be combined with a variety of side dishes: whether with rolls, together with a fresh salad or your favorite seasonal vegetables. And even on cold days, it's the ultimate comfort food when paired with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. 


The planted.chicken grill skewer is the classic BBQ all-rounder and goes well with every side dish. The meat consists of only 4 ingredients: peas, rapeseed oil, water and vitamin B12. A lemon-herb marinade ensures the typical BBQ taste and is perfectly matched to the smoky grill aroma. Refreshing lemon juice combined with oregano and rosemary give the skewers a delicious spiciness, while chili and paprika go perfectly with the meat and refine its flavors. 


The planted.bratwurst in the herb flavor is available in the web shop from April 20th for 2.99 euros RRP (two sausages of 90 grams each), the planted.chicken grill skewer for 4.99 euros RRP (two skewers of 100 grams each). , available in selected EDEKA, REWE and familia stores as well as through various delivery services throughout Germany. 

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