09 Jan 2024

Cold cuts without compromise: Planted revolutionizes with new Lyon cold cuts

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Just in time for Veganuary, the Swiss FoodTech startup Planted is launching its first plant-based cold cuts, expanding the culinary offering for flexitarians in Switzerland. The planted.aufschnitt Lyoner is now available from Coop. The product consists of only natural ingredients and is therefore the cleanest Lyonnaise cold cuts. Tastes convincing and ecologically exemplary: Compared to its animal counterpart, the plant-based Lyoner saves 34 percent CO2 and 51 percent water. This groundbreaking product launch marks Planted's entry into the charcuterie category.  


A Charcuterie Plättli without Lyoner? A visit to the butcher without a farewell Lyon greeting for the little ones? Unimaginable in Switzerland . Thanks to Planted, the plant-based version is now becoming the new standard . The Swiss foodtech startup is launching its first plant-based clean-label cold cuts in Lyon style just in time for Veganuary. With the new planted.aufschnitt Lyoner, Planted opens up completely new culinary perspectives for flexitarians in Switzerland, especially in the ready-to-eat areas such as breakfast, Z'Vieri and snacks, which have not been adequately served so far. The Lyoner expands Planted's existing plant-based meat range and enables a holistic eating experience throughout the day.  


The focus of Planted's philosophy is the absence of additives. The aim is to create sustainable, tasty and healthy plant-based products and set a new standard in this emerging category. Over 65 scientific research and product development experts at Planted's headquarters in Kemptthal are continuously working to raise plant-based food technology to a new level.  


To clean and put on: the cleanest cold cutswithout sacrificing taste  

The planted.aufschnitt Lyoner proves that quick snacks can also be a place for innovation. More and more people are striving for a healthier and more sustainable diet and would therefore like to reduce their consumption of animal meat. But when it comes to cold cuts, consumers often resort to traditional meat products. With the new Lyoner, Planted has created the solution: a plant-based cold cut with excellent taste, authentic texture and only natural ingredients - including pea protein, rapeseed oil, water, spices, yeast, salt and vitamin B12. Not more!  


The planted.aufschnitt Lyoner offers a much more sustainable and healthier option not only in the market for meat substitute products, but also compared to the animal Lyoner. Using only natural ingredients, it is the cleanest cold cuts on the market and contains less saturated fat, fewer additives and more protein than its animal equivalent. An additional fermentation step in the production process developed specifically by Planted gives the Lyoner its excellent taste profile - it tastes like the animal original and offers the same first-class eating experience. The plant-based Lyoner is also ecologically convincing: compared to its animal counterpart, it saves 34 percent CO2 and 51 percent water.  


The needs of consumers are a central driving force for Planted when developing new products. “Our goal is to help people achieve a meat-free diet effortlessly, without sacrifice and with purely natural ingredients – we don’t stop there even with Switzerland’s most popular cold cuts, the Lyoner,” emphasizes Pascal Bieri, co-founder of Planted .  


The planted.aufschnitt Lyoner is particularly suitable for flexitarians who value taste and environmental awareness. From sandwiches to elaborate charcuterie platters for an aperitif - the possible uses are diverse and invite you to discover new flavor combinations again and again.  


Available now exclusively from Coop  

The planted.aufschnitt Lyoner is now available throughout Switzerland exclusively at Coop at a price of CHF 3.95 (80g).  


New packaging: Planted shines in a new look  

Planted consistently relies on the color violet and has adapted all packaging in Swiss retail. The new packaging presents attractive recipe images and clearly focuses on the company's unique selling point: "100% natural ingredients".  

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