14 May 2024

planted.steak in stores

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Planted is now bringing the first fermented steak of its kind to retail  

A juicy steak with a strong bite that provides a culinary experience of steakhouse quality at home - that's exactly what Planted has developed on a plant-based basis and, after the successful launch of the catering industry, has now also brought it to the national German retail sector. Thanks to an innovative fermentation process, the Swiss food tech pioneer has created an unmistakable umami taste with its first plant-based steak, revolutionizing the meat industry. True to the company philosophy, the steak is made exclusively from natural ingredients such as soy protein, rapeseed oil, bean and rice flour, and a special mixture of microbial cultures. It doesn't get any cleaner than this!  

The planted.steak: meat lovers can’t believe their eyes  

Planted is ushering in a new era in the category of large plant-based cuts of meat with its first plant-based steak - healthy ingredients that offer exceptional taste, juiciness and tenderness. The planted.steak also has a distinctive umami taste thanks to an innovative fermentation process. The company is thus creating a new category of food for the world of tomorrow that is even more nutritious, tasty and juicy than anything the startup has developed so far. Fermentation is one of nature's most versatile processes . It has an unparalleled ability to improve and optimize the taste, tenderness and wholesomeness of foods . The use of fermentation technology enables Planted to find new clean and healthy protein sources while improving the taste and naturalness. This overcomes previous limitations of alternative proteins and can be seen and tasted in the planted.steak , as it perfectly recreates the incomparable texture of a high-quality steak fillet - a great eating experience without having to sacrifice anything.  

Nutritional values, ingredients, various preparation options  

True to the company philosophy, the steak is made exclusively from natural ingredients such as soy protein, rapeseed oil, bean and rice flour as well as a special mixture of microbial cultures and is a testament to sustainable culinary inventiveness. It has a high protein and fiber content, contains important micronutrients such as vitamin B12 and iron and has a low proportion of saturated fatty acids. The planted.steak offers the health-conscious palate and real gourmets a steak that is juicy, tender and full of flavor. It is therefore suitable for everyone who loves the bite and experience of red meat and wants to enjoy it without the adverse effects. The versatility also invites creativity - whether you want to enjoy a relaxed dinner at home, impress your guests with restaurant quality or host a spontaneous barbecue party in the summer, the planted.steak is the perfect choice. The planted.steak is easy to prepare and always to perfection. Combine it with a variety of side dishes such as fresh salad, crispy French fries or your favorite seasonal vegetables - there are no limits to culinary creativity. Planted offers a variety of recipes on the website.  

planted.steak: Already the darling of the gastronomy  

During the research and development process, Planted worked with more than 50 restaurateurs to develop a steak that is unparalleled in terms of taste, texture, processing and taste experience. "Our planted.steak is designed to satisfy even the most demanding palate. This is a real turning point - not only for us, but for the entire industry ," says Planted co-founder Judith Wemmer. "No other plant-based steak uses only natural ingredients, no additives and is characterized by such juiciness and tenderness."  

With the plant-based steak, Planted is once again underlining its pioneering role and innovative strength in the field of alternative proteins. Since March 2024, the planted.steak has been available for consumption in many European restaurants, such as Tim Raue's Michelin-starred restaurant in Berlin or Tim Mälzer's Bullerei in Hamburg. All participating restaurants can be found here .  

"The planted.steak has a fantastic structure and texture, its bite is extraordinary and together with its robust taste it is simply the best ingredient for a vegan main course for us! It makes our guests rave and creates enthusiasm. The team in the kitchen and I also have a lot of fun cooking with it," says Tim Raue, Michelin star chef from Berlin.  

The steak of the future  

The planted.steak is not only a culinary innovation, but also a scalable and sustainable solution to the environmental challenges associated with traditional meat production - especially beef production. The production of a planted.steak generates 97% fewer CO2 emissions per kilogram compared to its animal counterpart. Beef production requires large areas of pasture or agricultural land to grow feed. Significant amounts of energy, land and other resources are also required for production. Cattle digestion and manure release additional greenhouse gases. Compared to poultry or pigs, cattle have a longer growth period before they are ready for slaughter. During this time they consume feed and continuously produce methane. The production of the planted.steak also requires 81% less water than its animal counterpart.  

By significantly reducing CO2 emissions and water consumption, Planted meat products pave the way to a more sustainable future without compromising on taste, quality and enjoyment.  


The planted.steak is now available for 3.99 euros RRP in the Planted web shop, nationally at REWE and soon at other food retailers, as well as already on the menu of various restaurants in Germany and Austria.  

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