07 Jul 2022

Foodtech start-up Planted brings plant-based grilled skewers onto the market

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Kemptthal, Switzerland, June 22, 2022 - With the return of warm temperatures, the smell of grilled food is in the air again. Just in time for the start of this year's barbecue season, Planted is launching an innovation on the market: With the new planted.chicken barbecue skewers, the classic plant-based barbecue skewer is now available - for everyone who wants to reduce their meat consumption when BBQing, but doesn't want to forego taste.

Ready-marinated skewers: From the package straight to the grill and ready in just 2-3 minutes

Planted stands for transparency, so the new planted.chicken grilled skewers only consist of four natural ingredients: water, pea protein, pea fiber and rapeseed oil. They also impress with sufficient vitamin B12 and high protein content. Like the other products from Planted, the planted.chicken grilled skewers do not contain any flavorings or preservatives, other additives, soy, gluten or lactose. To ensure that the ready-to-grill skewers are particularly juicy, you can simply place them directly from the package on the grill for a maximum of two to three minutes and the plant-based grill menu is ready. A lemon-herb marinade that harmonizes perfectly with the smoky aroma of the grill ensures the typical BBQ taste: Refreshing lemon juice in combination with oregano and rosemary gives the skewers a delicious spice, chili and paprika go perfectly with vegetable proteins and refine their flavors .

Meat from plants: Unique fiber structure for perfect grilling enjoyment

Planted makes the planted.chicken grilled skewers from alternative proteins and focuses on the perfect bite. Inspired by nature, the company is doing pioneering work with a novel biostructuring approach. “Juicy, tender meat combined with a herb marinade make the summer grilling experience unique. This is now also possible with our meat from plants,” says Judith Wemmer, responsible for product development at Planted, and adds: “Thanks to our innovative manufacturing process, we can simply skip the animal and instead convert peas directly into fibrous meat. This means we can reduce CO2e emissions by 74%, but still enjoy the barbecue evening just as much whether at home or in the park.”

Following the success of the existing products planted.chicken, planted.schnitzel, planted.pulled and planted.kebab, the new planted.chicken barbecue skewers are the perfect addition to Planted's product range.

Switzerland-wide “Taste will Save us” BBQ campaign

To increase our positive impact on the planet, everyone needs to pull together, and the way to appeal to everyone is to produce the best tasting food. The only way to avoid animal meat is to create an alternative to consuming it - and Planted's delicious taste offers exactly that. The taste becomes the north star of the brand - “Taste will Save us”. The first campaign under this new brand platform is all about summer barbecue, which is traditionally very meaty. The campaign was launched nationally this week in Switzerland on digital channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In addition, a mega poster at Basel train station as well as poster placements and hanging boxes in trams attract attention and inspire the next barbecue.


The planted.chicken grilled skewers are available now and while stocks last from Coop and Migros throughout Switzerland. The planted.chicken grilled skewers can also be ordered quickly and easily in the Planted online shop at https://www.eatplanted.com/.


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