26 Jan 2024

Planted now with Max & Benito!

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We are so excited to share this delicious news with you: From now on you can also enjoy our plant-based planted meat at Max & Benito! Delicious Californian-Mexican burritos, bowls, tacos and salads are served at 5 locations in Vienna. The meals are prepared quickly, healthy and balanced in front of the customers and individually according to their wishes. Planted.chicken is now also available as a filling for your burrito, bowl, taco or salad. Our planted. chicken is refined with a homemade Mexican achiote marinade. With aromas of tomatoes, cumin, oregano, red onion, white pepper, salt and paprika - a real treat for the palate!

Choose the achiote marinaded planted.chicken as the filling and design your burrito, bowl, taco or salad according to your personal taste. Refine your dish with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, coriander, sweet corn and irresistible dressings, as well as homemade salsas - from mild to spicy, according to your taste!

Stop by Max & Benito in Vienna and experience the unique fusion of Californian-Mexican cuisine. Here, plant-based enjoyment meets maximum taste!

This is how it works
You can benefit from the subscription if you have a shopping cart size of 5 or more products. Special editions such as planted.braten or bundles and planted.chicken curry are excluded
Save 20% with the Planted subscription
We will reward you for your efforts with a discount on every delivery.
Small effort, big impact
After a minimum term of 3 deliveries, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
Even more impact
Better for you and the planet. No additives, 100% plant-based.